IT Infrastructure

Gone are the days when you could just set up a few computers and phones in an office and put people to work. Now, you have servers, cloud computing, backups, firewalls, audiovisual equipment, mobile device management, and VoIP service. IT infrastructure’s gotten complicated, especially over the last decade as more companies see the benefits of remote work.

That’s why we take the complex and simplify it and streamline it. We believe technology should work for you, helping you achieve your goals, making things easier, better. Not the other way around. If your IT infrastructure is causing more problems than it’s solving, it’s time to have someone take a closer look at the whole setup.

We have been in IT for decades and are familiar with the ever-changing technology landscape and the latest and greatest industries. Managing IT infrastructure is a core requirement for any company, and correctly managing it results in the right level of security and productivity.

What’s your IT infrastructure look like? Chances are you have:

  • Networks
  • Servers
  • Phone systems
  • Backups
  • Mobile device management

That’s just scratching the surface. Let us show you how our proven IT infrastructure managed services and tech support can eliminate technology problems and put technology to work for you.

Key Components of IT Infrastructure

1. Network Architecture & Network

Any company with offices needs a solid network architecture strategy. Along with server infrastructure, networking changes. You need a partner with a team with broad experience working with best-in-class equipment vendors.

Choosing the right networking equipment vendor is critical, and many components go into this decision.

  • Geographic office distribution
  • Number of staff at each office
  • Type of work being done at each site

Once you define network requirements, we get to work designing a network that’s intuitive and increases efficiency. It sounds simple, right? But it’s critical to plan and document this design in detail so technical staff can visualize data flows and network traffic.

6 Things an IT Manager Should Do

Is your IT Manager doing all six? IT Managers should start with a strategy and roadmap, but they also need the right tools and processes in place. Download our short guide to see if your IT manager is doing what’s needed.

2. Managed Firewalls

Your firewall–the single most important aspect of a networked environment. Period. It contains all the security software and defines the rules your IT environment plays by. If it’s not working, it won’t take much for a hacker to take your whole system down.

Core components in network security include:

  • Web filtering
  • IDS/IPS (intrusion detection and intrusion prevention software)

The risks facing your network are endless and evolving. So it’s critical that we stay up-to-date with ongoing security challenges in the cybersecurity landscape. We must remain proactive in applying patches, firmware, and heuristics updates to networking hardware.

3. Server Infrastructure

Are You “Born In the Cloud”? Or do you have an on-premise infrastructure?

“Born in the Cloud”

If your company was “born in the cloud,” then the cloud may be all your business has ever known. It’s hard to believe but, yes, cloud storage, cloud computing, and cloud services have been around long enough that we encounter businesses like yours.

You probably don’t have many legacy systems from the “time before” advanced IT infrastructure where everything’s connected. So you’re already accustomed to cloud services hosted by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and various other well-known vendors.

Your company has grown up with cloud systems that let you scale up and retract on the fly. You recognize and leverage that flexibility to innovate and take strategic risks to grow the company.

As a result, you’ve likely become a player in your industry in a shorter timeframe than most dream possible, taking on older, more established companies, and swallowing up their marketshare.

We help companies born in the cloud get the most out of their cloud-based IT infrastructure.

But we also work with a different kind of company.

On-Premise – Can’t Move

If you’re an “on-premise – can’t move” company, you have legacy systems that house and manage information on-site. Financial restraints, company mandates, or industry regulations mean you have to keep it that way. So moving infrastructure to the cloud isn’t an option for you. While you won’t get all the benefits of the cloud, we can help you get the most out of your on-premise server infrastructure.

Here’s what you need from your IT infrastructure services:

  • A team skilled at server optimization: Understanding the processing your servers are doing and making changes to the hardware and software components increases efficiency. We do that!
  • Skillsets around hybrid cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure: Even if you think you can’t move to the cloud, we may be able to move some functions, creating a hybrid cloud infrastructure to enhance efficiency.
  • A proactive mindset: We’re interested in leveraging new features released by vendors to gain productivity wins for your company. The more efficient your computing infrastructure is, the fewer servers and storage devices you need. That saves money!

On-Premise – Ready for Cloud

You’ve seen the benefits of the cloud, and you’re ready to do this. But the idea of trying to migrate to the cloud or figure out how to work with legacy systems makes your head spin. Where do you start? Is it even possible?

We love working with people like you. Together, we’ll develop a practical plan to give your company all the benefits of the cloud you’ve read about.

You may still have some on-premise requirements. But you’re fortunate enough to have been around for longer than 10 years, so you’re most likely using on-premise virtualization infrastructure like VMWare, HyperV.

We can help you transition to a more cloud-based system for storage, collaboration, and processing, plus cloud backup solutions. We’re huge fans of cloud applications and cloud infrastructure and focus on helping businesses with cloud migration and digital transformation.

4. Backup Strategy

The most critical component for on-premise environments is data and server backup. Consistent, timely backups decrease downtime, reducing your stress and giving you another productivity win to show the board.

How do we approach your data backup strategy?

  • Identify: critical data and systems that need to be backed up
  • Define: RPO & RTO objectives. Recovery point objectives (RPO) define how much data an organization can lose without business impact. The can be defined per application. Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) describe how long it can take to restore service before serious business impact occurs.
  • Implement: Backup policies for servers and applications per RPO & RTO objectives
  • Ensure: Air-gapped (i.e., backups without an internet connection) are taken at regular intervals to ensure available backups if ransomware destroys backups.
  • Test: Regularly, test backups to ensure they are working as expected

We have the experience you need for data backup solutions and managing cloud backups. We give you peace of mind that your data is both secure and accessible to those who need it to perform optimally.

5. Monitoring and Alerting

If something isn’t working, the sooner we know, the sooner we can fix it. Through the monitoring and alerting component of your IT infrastructure services, we proactively anticipate problems before they happen. We can quickly resolve issues before they become major headaches you have to explain and account for in quarterly reports.

We use best-in-class RMM (remote monitoring and management solutions) to monitor client networks, equipment, and software.

When setting up monitoring and alerting, we commit to these guidelines to make your job easier.

  1. Categorize by impact & urgency to determine priority. Where should we monitor and generate alerts?
  2. Monitor business-critical hardware and software 24×7, no matter what.
  3. Monitor non-critical hardware and software regularly to catch issues as fast as possible without siphoning resources from critical components
  4. Define timeframes for sending alerts for different priority incidents
  5. Identify where support personnel find vendor and basic troubleshooting information
  6. Develop an escalation matrix so appropriate team members help your employees resolve issues quickly and get back on track


  • Not everything you monitor needs to send alerts. You’ve probably experienced this scenario. You set up too many alerts on your smartphone. Either you end up checking your phone every two seconds or ignoring them. Then you miss an important text from your mother. Priorities matter. Alerts requiring no action will teach technicians to ignore all alerts. This defeats the purpose of monitoring and alerting.
  • Not documented, not done. We need to document basic processes and completed tasks, so team members are all on the same page.

6. UCaaS & VoIP – Unified Communications as a Service and Voice Over IP

The evolution of technology is evident when you look at the feature sets of phone systems. Today, they’ve transformed from simple VoIP services into Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platform, enabling teams to communicate across a set of features, including:

  • Instant messaging
  • Web conferencing
  • Business SMS (short message service) texting

Importantly, cloud phone systems also come jam-packed with features that traditional or older on-premise phone systems did not include within their “out of the box” functionality. Are you currently missing out on standard features like…?

  • Call handling and call flow between teams
  • Call recording
  • Reporting with clear details around quality and call transfers

7. Technical Support-Helpdesk, Remote Helpdesk, Desktop Support

When you think of IT, undoubtedly tech support pops into your mind. Our goal is to work behind the scenes to make sure the IT infrastructure works like it should. But issues will always arise. We’re here for you, your management team down to the front-line employees when they do. Our goal is to help you meet your goals by supporting every employee in reaching their full potential through technology.

We offer flexible tech support solutions and IT infrastructure management services. More than 90% of helpdesk issues can be solved by remote technicians using remote monitoring and management platforms. We employ a variety of tools in our help center to ensure employees can report issues seamlessly and we can remotely support those issues on the fly. No two companies are the same. We can accommodate a variety of onsite and remote support requirements.

Helped us with our entire IT Infrastructure and now we outsource all IT to TenisiTech

“TenisiTech has been a valuable partner in helping us find the right technology solutions to meet the challenges of a healthcare environment that is constantly evolving. I continue to be impressed with their ability to understand our needs, their commitment to our success, and their knowledge that helps us prepare for the future.

Our confidence in their services has led to expanding our engagement with TenisiTech. As their value to The Elizabeth Hospice became evident, what started as a service contract to direct our IT department and provide project management support, grew to include systems administration and network support. The Elizabeth Hospice now is entirely outsourced to TenisiTech.

The security of knowing that TenisiTech is managing our technology has given us the time and freedom needed to focus on elevating the level of care we provide to patients, clients and the community and managing our assets more efficiently. We know with certainty that we have a reliable resource in TenisiTech, a resource that helps keep The Elizabeth Hospice at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.”

Sarah McSpadden, Director, The Elizabeth Hospice

If someone were to compare the IT support across the 21 regional centers, we would come out number 1!

“The pandemic is another fantastic example of why I’m happy that we have TenisiTech, I don’t know what working from home would have looked like with our old structure. It may have gone OK, but I don’t think it would have gone nearly as well as it did. TenisiTech is innovative, forward thinking, and constantly looking for a quicker and more efficient way of doing things with the assistance of technology.  I just want to brag. If someone were to compare the IT support across the 21 regional centers, we would come out number 1!”


Claudia Reed, CFO, Valley Mountain Regional Center

Our internal team seems happy with both the coaching and new technology being utilized.

“I wanted to take a moment and share how impressed I have been with the TenisiTech team.  We have pondered a few times what this transition to a telehealth model would look like if we hadn't made a shift in our IT structure when we did.  Our internal team seems happy with both the coaching and new technology being utilized.  I am hearing from staff that they feel responded to and their problems are being efficiently addressed.  My own experience has been fantastic.  I am truly grateful to be in partnership with you and your team.”


Allison Becwar, President & CEO, Lincoln Families

I already know we made the correct decision with moving to your company.

“I want to sing TenisiTech’s praises. They have such an amazingly responsive and capable team. We have already seen such improvement in the management style of this team. I already know we made the correct decision with moving to your company.”


Nina Asay, Sr. Director of Administration & Operations, The Arc San Francisco

The conversations I had with our CEO were that TenisiTech was worth every penny.

"You won over our staff because not only do you have the technical skills, but you have the human interactions skills. . . . TenisiTech brought a well-rounded approach to our IT Management that was really indispensable in solving our problem and taking our IT operation to the next level. We do not have a complex IT environment but what we had you made a lot better, a lot safer . . . without worry. You came, you looked, you audited, you did your assessment, and you said, “this is what you should be doing, this is the order of things.” That’s very comforting. The conversations I had with our CEO were that TenisiTech was 'worth every penny.'”


Jose Rivera, Director of Operations, Lincoln Families

…the team has been proactive and able to resolve issues quickly. Excited to keep moving forward and gain hours back to my work week!


Bob Buckler, Director of Ops C32 Designs

Wanted to let you all know how grateful we are for the quick turnaround time in getting things up and running.

“Just wanted to reach out and thank you all for the incredible win on Saturday getting our agent back online. I've highlighted it to the Executive Team as an area that we have immediately improved upon and wanted to let you all know how grateful we are for the quick turnaround time in getting things up and running. We had discussed that this was like a "worst case scenario" for us at this point in the transition and the way that it was handled gives me incredible confidence in our partnership.”


Louis Marshall, Solutions Manager, Officium Labs

I’d be thrilled to accomplish so much in a normal year let alone a pandemic year!


Allison Becwar, President & CEO, Lincoln Families

TenisiTech took it on, did a fantastic job, and were very patient with us.

“I would not want to go back to where we were 2 years ago. Now that I’ve had the benefit of what a real IT support can do, I am amazed that we got by as long as we did without TenisiTech. HIPAA policy was a big project that had been sitting on the back burner because we weren’t sure how to tackle it. TenisiTech took it on, did a fantastic job, and were very patient with us.”


Claudia Reed, CFO, VMRC

It is not often throughout my career, that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a team as knowledgeable, approachable and accountable as TenisiTech


Debby Jones, Accounting, The Elizabeth Hospice

Having a group like TenisiTech who has that deep IT background embedded in its organization and can tap into it as needed has really been very helpful for us.

“The best thing VMRC has gotten from TenisiTech is the depth of knowledge in IT that we did not have before. Having a group like TenisiTech who has that deep IT background embedded in its organization and can tap into it as needed has really been very helpful for us.”


Claudia Reed, CFO, Valley Mountain Regional Center

My company sees me as a hero because of TenisiTech.

“The beauty of TenisiTech is with your help we are now worry-free with peace of mind.  We know the important stuff is going to get done well and timely, and we don't have to second guess that there is some scary gap out there in IT operations that will come back to bite us.  I know a lot of nonprofits hit a wall when they had to transition from working on site to working from home. We didn't even notice we were working from home. It just magically happened.  My company sees me as a hero because of TenisiTech.”


Jose Rivera, Director of Operations, Lincoln Families

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