Cloud Services

You’re worried about what would happen if you lost all of your data. It’s stored on a robust system of on-premise servers, but both your backup and live data live in the same building. They’re all on the same network. A natural disaster or human-made one could take the whole system down. It could take hours in a best-case scenario for IT to get you back up and running. But depending on your setup, data recovery may be less possible than you think. Cloud services provide the solution. 

But these days, cloud migration is more than setting up cloud backup solutions. It can transform how people work, through increasing productivity, enabling real-time collaboration, reducing downtime, and putting you at the forefront of a digital transformation, likely for less money than you’re paying to keep it all on-site. 

Maybe you’re already using some cloud services like cloud storage. But you wonder if you’re actually getting your money’s worth. Are departments using them to their full potential? 

Or maybe you’ve been hesitant about moving certain functions to the cloud. Is it safe? Aren’t you more secure if you keep it all in-house? We’d like to share with you what cloud transformation is all about. 

We evaluate two areas of cloud transformation services within your IT environment. 

  • Cloud transformation – What can we move to the cloud? And which type of cloud computing is best suited for your applications?
  • Digital transformation – What manual processes can we digitize? Within this category, we work closely with business teams and organizational units within your company to determine which processes are cumbersome. How can we use technology to maximize productivity, cost-effectiveness, and security?

What Is a Cloud Transformation?

When you invest in a Cloud Transformation, you’re eliminating risk and enabling automation within your business that the employees and the board will equally appreciate. A cloud transformation eliminates a lot of mindless busy work and generates more engaged and productive employees.

The pandemic of 2020 fast-tracked the adoption of cloud transformation across the globe. Those who were still uncomfortable with cloud services and technology realized it was these very services that would enable their business to continue working through the toughest challenge the global community has ever had to face.

With cloud technology, they had the flexibility to allow their employees to work from anywhere at a moment’s notice. And they had rapid scalability, so inadequate technological infrastructure never held back rapid growth.

Have you been in business 15 or more years? You’ll benefit the most from cloud transformation. You’re poised for growth. But building out your traditional IT infrastructure is currently the only way to do that. A cloud transformation unleashes that potential lying dormant. It gives you the agility to scale and maneuver in a competitive market.

Cloud transformation doesn’t have to be scary. We guide you through it step-by-step over a period of time to make sure it’s done correctly. We evaluate your current IT investment and maintenance/contract end dates for hardware, software, and services to plan the right time and method for cloud migration — at a pace that works for you.

The cloud simplifies your technology infrastructure, transforming what would otherwise be a complicated setup into a streamlined, manageable system. 

See for yourself the simplicity cloud services bring to the table. Here’s a visual comparing the complexity of on-premise servers to a cloud-based one.

Complex and Expensive

Complex on-premise IT infrastructure requires more management time, resulting in less resiliency.

Simple and Inexpensive

Use of cloud services simplifies IT management, generating savings and better resiliency.

Building Out Your Cloud Service

We look at three types of cloud computing services when building a cloud transformation plan: 

  • SaaS – Software as a Service, your most vendor-managed option
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, your more IT-managed option 
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service, an even mix of vendor and IT management required 

SaaS – Software as a service

Software as a service refers to the delivery of applications over the internet. So you no longer need to install, manage, and update applications. Furthermore, as you grow, these Internet-based applications grow with you, so you don’t have to buy more or better applications. You just upgrade and add licenses. 

Examples: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Leveraging SaaS applications has these key benefits:  

  • Limited environmental risks. Air conditioning and power outages no longer impact your teams’ ability to continue working. 
  • No hardware, except for the Internet. This means you no longer have to worry about memory, disk space, or failed hardware components like power supplies and fans.
  • No security patching or updating. The vendor manages all that. If there were a security issue, it’s theirs to resolve. They can’t shift blame to you like non-SaaS companies can, so they’re more accountable for keeping you safe and up.

Use SaaS across your organization to reap these benefits. But before you embark on cloud migration, you need: 

  • Security engineers who understand the security features within each product and how to configure them. When it comes to security, remember reputable SaaS vendors spend more on information and data security than the majority of non-SaaS companies combined.
  • A comprehensive IT strategy outlining when cloud services migration opportunities exist

PaaS – Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service refers to a suite of tools offered by service providers that allow you to develop, run and, manage business applications without traditional infrastructure. In this model, you pay for computer, storage, and networking usage within the environment.

Examples: AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), and GCP (Google).

Key benefits of PaaS cloud services include:

  • Lower cost of ownership when developing and deploying new applications. A company can leverage a PaaS provider’s infrastructure and software without having to spend money buying expensive hardware and software.
  • Quicker delivery of services and applications. Given the ability to use existing infrastructure, companies can develop their products and services much more quickly. Remember having to purchase servers? This could take weeks – and potentially months (as we saw in 2020) if hardware components become scarce.
  • Great analytics. PaaS platforms allow companies to analyze data to find business insights, enabling companies to make better decisions more quickly.  

Leverage PaaS to reap these benefits. But before you do, make sure you have: 

  • Security engineers that understand traditional infrastructure security and how to harden computing environments. Often, we’ll hear the cloud is not secure”. But the reality is it’s secure if you have the right team implementing the technology. PaaS providers commit to the underlying security of the platform. But the company using the platform is responsible for application security. It’s so easy to spin up servers in the cloud. Even the least experienced people can get the basics going. Don’t trust just anyone to get you started with PaaS – make sure they’ve got the right experience and credentials.
  • A comprehensive IT and Development Strategy outlining where PaaS could provide the most benefit for your organization, who will maintain it, and when regular security reviews should take place.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service delivers fundamental computer, network, and storage resources to companies on-demand. We explore IaaS solutions for companies that have legacy or in-house developed applications that prohibit them from certain SaaS and cloud options.  

  • Control of resources in the cloud 
  • The ability to quickly scale or shrink resources on an as-needed basis
  • No need to spend money upfront on high-capacity hardware that will need to scale for large workloads from time to time.
  • Elimination of risk of environmental constraints like power and cooling.

Before embarking on an IaaS cloud migration of your current application stack to the cloud, you need: 

  • Security engineers that understand traditional infrastructure security and how to harden computing environments.
  • An IT strategy that will help you differentiate when to use SaaS v. PaaS v. IaaS

Think Cloud Platforms will Cost You More?

Take a look at how a cloud platform like Microsoft 365 consolidates your 3rd party applications into one dynamic platform to save you money and simplify your job. 

    (Click the image to enlarge)

    Investing in a Digital Transformation

    Cloud services are an essential part of a broader movement–the digital transformation. At its core, this movement is about working smarter through automation, analytics, technology-assisted workflows.
    We have broad experience working strategically with clients like you to help evaluate cumbersome, manual processes to determine where technology can streamline them.

    Now, a lot of companies assume that a digital transformation is this arduous, expensive, and disruptive undertaking. But in reality, the technologies today are so intuitive and cost-effective that the hard part is deciding which technologies provide the greatest benefits. It’s not like you can try before you buy. We understand how these tools work and transform workflow. We can help you make the best decision for your company.
    You can eliminate almost every paper process that slows you down. And that’s just the beginning. What about better expense reporting, document collaboration through cloud file sharing, digital signature software, and the use of web conferencing solutions? They’re all part of the digital transformation.

    Wondering if Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 is better for your business?

    Here’s how to decide

    Helping Companies Who Help Others

    Sometimes simple solutions have a huge impact.

    We helped one social services company
    implement a cloud signature tool to digitize their manual, paper-based admissions process. This effort resulted in a faster admission process and better outcomes for their clients. 

    We helped another after-school children’s services company learn how to use a feature many people would take for granted – the whiteboard feature in Zoom. While many similar programs around the country struggled to meet underserved children’s needs during the pandemic with schools shut down, this company delivered. 

    Cloud Storage Services, Cloud Backup Solutions, and Collaboration Tools

    Bottom line: Get what you pay for. You’re probably using Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace already. But you may not realize the extent of the tools you’re already paying for. You’re missing out on many benefits of cloud services.
    Examples: AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), and GCP (Google).

    We can show you have to implement and automate cloud storage and cloud backup solutions to keep your data secure and accessible when you need it. We help you get more out of collaboration tools to boost productivity and communication among team members and departments.  

    For example, OneDrive for Business and Google Drive is less about technology. It’s more about using what you’re already paying for. We define the best way to use these tools and train your employees to collaborate using them. This results in more efficiency, less confusion, and fewer duplications of effort. 

    Cloud Migrations

    For our purposes, we will define cloud migrations as moving an on-premise application to a SaaS offering. 
    Most companies have been through the most common example of cloud migration: migration of on-premise Exchange email systems to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

    If your company has not undergone the migration from onsite mail servers, you should immediately contact us to help with this because there’s a reason those who haven’t switched are few and far between. If your current IT team is not pushing for this, they’re not working in your best interest.. Running in-house mail servers is less secure, less reliable, and more expensive. It requires more software, from third-party vendors (like encryption, antispam, and email archiving solutions) and expensive hardware. In 99.9% of cases, it just does not make sense to run your own mail server these days.  

    Here’s an example of what a complex onsite solution looks like compared to a fully migrated environment:  

    Other examples of cloud services and cloud migrations include, moving from:  

    • Onsite phone systems to digital Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution
    • Fileservers to OneDrive for Business and Google Drive
    • Storage area networks to cloud enterprise document solutions like Box or Hyland AllDocs  
    • Moving on-premise financial systems to newly offered SaaS options

    We have broad and deep experience moving companies from onsite mail servers and other systems of every kind to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. We also have experience of moving to/from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. And we’re ready to help you experience your own digital transformation through cloud services.

    Helped us with our entire IT Infrastructure and now we outsource all IT to TenisiTech

    “TenisiTech has been a valuable partner in helping us find the right technology solutions to meet the challenges of a healthcare environment that is constantly evolving. I continue to be impressed with their ability to understand our needs, their commitment to our success, and their knowledge that helps us prepare for the future.

    Our confidence in their services has led to expanding our engagement with TenisiTech. As their value to The Elizabeth Hospice became evident, what started as a service contract to direct our IT department and provide project management support, grew to include systems administration and network support. The Elizabeth Hospice now is entirely outsourced to TenisiTech.

    The security of knowing that TenisiTech is managing our technology has given us the time and freedom needed to focus on elevating the level of care we provide to patients, clients and the community and managing our assets more efficiently. We know with certainty that we have a reliable resource in TenisiTech, a resource that helps keep The Elizabeth Hospice at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.”

    Sarah McSpadden, Director, The Elizabeth Hospice

    If someone were to compare the IT support across the 21 regional centers, we would come out number 1!

    “The pandemic is another fantastic example of why I’m happy that we have TenisiTech, I don’t know what working from home would have looked like with our old structure. It may have gone OK, but I don’t think it would have gone nearly as well as it did. TenisiTech is innovative, forward thinking, and constantly looking for a quicker and more efficient way of doing things with the assistance of technology.  I just want to brag. If someone were to compare the IT support across the 21 regional centers, we would come out number 1!”


    Claudia Reed, CFO, Valley Mountain Regional Center

    Our internal team seems happy with both the coaching and new technology being utilized.

    “I wanted to take a moment and share how impressed I have been with the TenisiTech team.  We have pondered a few times what this transition to a telehealth model would look like if we hadn't made a shift in our IT structure when we did.  Our internal team seems happy with both the coaching and new technology being utilized.  I am hearing from staff that they feel responded to and their problems are being efficiently addressed.  My own experience has been fantastic.  I am truly grateful to be in partnership with you and your team.”


    Allison Becwar, President & CEO, Lincoln Families

    I already know we made the correct decision with moving to your company.

    “I want to sing TenisiTech’s praises. They have such an amazingly responsive and capable team. We have already seen such improvement in the management style of this team. I already know we made the correct decision with moving to your company.”


    Nina Asay, Sr. Director of Administration & Operations, The Arc San Francisco

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    "You won over our staff because not only do you have the technical skills, but you have the human interactions skills. . . . TenisiTech brought a well-rounded approach to our IT Management that was really indispensable in solving our problem and taking our IT operation to the next level. We do not have a complex IT environment but what we had you made a lot better, a lot safer . . . without worry. You came, you looked, you audited, you did your assessment, and you said, “this is what you should be doing, this is the order of things.” That’s very comforting. The conversations I had with our CEO were that TenisiTech was 'worth every penny.'”


    Jose Rivera, Director of Operations, Lincoln Families

    …the team has been proactive and able to resolve issues quickly. Excited to keep moving forward and gain hours back to my work week!


    Bob Buckler, Director of Ops C32 Designs

    Wanted to let you all know how grateful we are for the quick turnaround time in getting things up and running.

    “Just wanted to reach out and thank you all for the incredible win on Saturday getting our agent back online. I've highlighted it to the Executive Team as an area that we have immediately improved upon and wanted to let you all know how grateful we are for the quick turnaround time in getting things up and running. We had discussed that this was like a "worst case scenario" for us at this point in the transition and the way that it was handled gives me incredible confidence in our partnership.”


    Louis Marshall, Solutions Manager, Officium Labs

    I’d be thrilled to accomplish so much in a normal year let alone a pandemic year!


    Allison Becwar, President & CEO, Lincoln Families

    TenisiTech took it on, did a fantastic job, and were very patient with us.

    “I would not want to go back to where we were 2 years ago. Now that I’ve had the benefit of what a real IT support can do, I am amazed that we got by as long as we did without TenisiTech. HIPAA policy was a big project that had been sitting on the back burner because we weren’t sure how to tackle it. TenisiTech took it on, did a fantastic job, and were very patient with us.”


    Claudia Reed, CFO, VMRC

    It is not often throughout my career, that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a team as knowledgeable, approachable and accountable as TenisiTech


    Debby Jones, Accounting, The Elizabeth Hospice

    Having a group like TenisiTech who has that deep IT background embedded in its organization and can tap into it as needed has really been very helpful for us.

    “The best thing VMRC has gotten from TenisiTech is the depth of knowledge in IT that we did not have before. Having a group like TenisiTech who has that deep IT background embedded in its organization and can tap into it as needed has really been very helpful for us.”


    Claudia Reed, CFO, Valley Mountain Regional Center

    My company sees me as a hero because of TenisiTech.

    “The beauty of TenisiTech is with your help we are now worry-free with peace of mind.  We know the important stuff is going to get done well and timely, and we don't have to second guess that there is some scary gap out there in IT operations that will come back to bite us.  I know a lot of nonprofits hit a wall when they had to transition from working on site to working from home. We didn't even notice we were working from home. It just magically happened.  My company sees me as a hero because of TenisiTech.”


    Jose Rivera, Director of Operations, Lincoln Families

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