7 Benefits of Choosing an IT Partner vs. A Bucket of Hours


Nice work! You’ve decided to outsource your business’s IT. But which style of support would be best for you? The number of different pricing plans and support packages available today is nothing short of overwhelming. You could pay a limited amount upfront for a certain number or “bucket” of hours to work with a support staff member chosen randomly from a phone queue. Or you could enlist the service of a dedicated IT partner and have a partnership with their knowledgeable staff. Still not certain? Read on for seven benefits to consider when choosing a dedicated IT partner instead of outsourcing to a bucket of support hours.

Security: Wonder why you fell victim to a phishing attack or a crypto attack? Probably because you’re not partnering closely enough with an IT partner. We often hear stories of such attacks because people start looking for new IT support when these things happen. The first question is what does your IT Security strategy look like. The answer usually is there isn’t one because they’re only buying a bucket of 10-20 hours per month.

Partnership: A dedicated IT partner will focus on improving your overall IT experience and work to improve the return you get on your investment, not just on transactional, break, and fix support bucket hours. While a bucket of support hours may look tempting, it can cost your business much more in the long run.

Strategy: There is no strategy or roadmap included in a bucket of hours. A 10-hour bucket of hours provides enough time for IT to fix end-user problems, but not enough for IT to become a strategic partner. They will not be able to plan and implement the systematic changes your business could require for long-term, efficient uptime.

Expertise & Familiarity: Without a dedicated IT partner, you’ll end up getting the most junior-level support possible rather than the strategic support your company probably needs. Complex issues will take longer to resolve and eat up the limited time allotted to your support bucket.  Junior-level support also means more time required to solve even simple users, thus eating up your allotted time.  An IT partner will be much more familiar with your firm’s IT structure, system, and workflow. As a result, they’ll be better equipped to troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues in a trustworthy, time-efficient manner.

Technology as a Strategic Advantage: Opting for this type of service may be an indication there’s a misunderstanding that IT is a necessary evil instead of a strategic advantage. Every company must have IT, but given the leaps and bounds of technology year to year, surely you should be getting more out of technology than a basic network and infrastructure and support with resetting passwords.

Standardization: A bucket of hours likely doesn’t include the attention necessary to standardize basic IT tasks to the detail needed. For example, can you say without a doubt that every machine deployed has whole disk encryption installed, antivirus installed and up-to-date and all relevant patches installed? If you’ve had a security breach, chances are this type of standardization is missing.

Reporting & Metric Remediation: Have you afforded your IT team the necessary time (i.e. budget) to spend time remediating issues with antivirus, patching and other proactive tasks?  These cut-rate bucket of hours plans don’t normally come with an option to get clear reporting on system health.

If you want to learn more about how we apply this to our pricing structure for TenisiTech, watch my video and read more about our pricing.