12 Reasons to Use OneDrive for Business or Google Drive



Today, more than ever, companies are looking at ways to ensure employees can work seamlessly from home and… with each other.

One of the many benefits of cloud-based computing is that secure file management is even easier than ever for small businesses. This is especially true when compared to in-house file servers which require additional hardware and IT overhead. Cloud-based file storage and synchronization services like OneDrive for Business or Google Drive keep files secure and grow with your business, so you’ll never run out of space or risk data losses.

Both Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Google Drive come equipped with a powerhouse of tools to foster better inter-department collaboration and streamline workflows.

What’s stopping your company from reaping the benefits of these technologies? You’ve already made the leap to cloud email. The real benefits of more efficiency, better security and improved resiliency of Microsoft and Google’s cloud platforms come with the adoption of the platforms’ file storage and collaboration toolsets.

More Efficiency…

1. Version tracking stores all changes made in a document in one secure place. No

more getting lost in undocumented changes made by unknown users. File changes can reviewed as far back as 30 days, making it easy to see who made changes as well as track and restore previous versions with a few clicks.
2. Built-in document chat and cursor tracking allows real-time conversations between co-editors of the same file, focusing collaboration on the task at hand.
3. Tired of document change delays? Google and OneDrive for Business use real-time updates, allowing co-editors to see changes as they are being made.
4. No internet? No problem. Cloud-based services allow users sync your entire online drives or make files available offline ahead of time. So, whether you’re in airplane mode or just have a bad connection, you can keep working.
5. Only have your smartphone or tablet but need to edit a document now? Both platforms have great mobile experiences that make editing quick and easy. Accidentally delete a file? Efficiently revert or restore documents from any device.

Better Security…

6. Prevent data loss and meet compliance needs by fine-tuning data loss prevention rules and user access. With these cloud-based platforms, you are in control. Set up data privacy and security rules that prevent documents from being downloaded, forwarded or read from accounts without permission. Specify by file which authorized users can forward, edit, or download documents. Send notifications to your Security Officer, letting them know what data leaks could have happened (without the rules in place) and identify employees who need additional compliance training.
7. Document access is tracked – see who’s downloading, reading, and forwarding files. IT teams will be able to monitor and limit external shares for specific users and domains.
8. Set file expiration dates which allow you to control how long someone has access to a shared document link. Avoid file merging and multiple versions by restricting who your documents can be shared with. Keep your files private until you decide to share them.

More Resiliency…

9. No need for VPN when your files are stored in the cloud.  Employees can use their login credentials and MFA device to safely & securely access their documents. All they need is internet access.
10. If you spill coffee on your computer – no worries, your files can be accessed from another device while you wait for your new computer. No more worries about accidental data loss!
11. Limited in available storage on your device? Use less disk space by streaming files directly from the cloud. Add productivity to your team by eliminating wasted time waiting for files to sync.
12. Tired of sorting through the clutter? Find your important files before you’ve even searched. Cloud-platform AIs’ predict which files you’ll need in real-time by recognizing frequently used content and active collaborators. Keep everyone up to date with easy-to-manage shared drives that are owned by the team.

Increase your business’ productivity and efficiency by moving your files to One Drive for business or Google Drive today. Not only will your team’s workflow be streamlined but your data will be safer and easier to manage.