10 Reasons to Outsource IT


In today’s economy, more and more businesses are choosing to outsource IT, moving away from costly in-house IT and toward the effective, experienced on-demand outsourcing they need. An IT partner who understands today’s technology trends, tools, and platforms can determine a business’s success in the current stay-at-home work life.

If you’re considering whether or not to outsource IT, consider the following reasons:

1. Cost Control: Most businesses today simply don’t have a need for the robust, full-cost expense of having in-house IT. From training and equipment to upgrades and maintenance, supporting your own team can get expensive, fast. Outsourcing eliminates the demand for a full-time team. Managed service providers let you pay for the help and resources you need only when you need it. Do you really need a full-time network architect and support staff? Or, do you really need them just when you need them?

2. Get the Best Tools: Partnering with the right company to outsource your IT will ensure that you get the best tools available in the industry. IT firms build their business around assisting others. They make sure that the resources they offer are not only of the highest quality but also the most secure and reliable, it’s their business!

3. Leave IT Complexity to the Professionals: Outsource IT and leave complex projects to the professionals. Outsourced IT firms have the knowledge and experience of managing projects both large and small that many in-house IT personnel do not, including cloud migrations, a trend that’s been increasing for the last decade. How many email cloud migrations has your internal team completed? Most outsourced IT firms have dozens under their belts – of every flavor & combination.

4. Consolidate IT: Could your company be outsourcing IT without your realizing it? If your company leverages lots of vendors or partners for IT, you may already have IT outsourced. Working with multiple vendors can get messy fast. Especially when critical, time-sensitive IT needs arise. Take control of your IT strategy, roadmap and budget by outsourcing to one dedicated team that can provide all the services you need, now.

5. Hire the Right Team: It’s no secret that finding the right IT resources can be a job in itself. Not sure what a good IT candidate looks like (hint: it’s not about IT jargon or technical ability)? Shift the recruiting & hiring headache by outsourcing that responsibility. Outsourced IT partners have extensive experience in the IT field, making it easy to identify quality candidates who will be the perfect fit for your needs. And, don’t forget, your IT partner takes care the costly payroll taxes and benefits.

6. Get an IT Roadmap for Your Business: An IT partner should understand the role they play in your businesses. They can recognize the big picture and can articulate their role in a strategy, roadmap and budget, allowing you to focus on what’s important: your clients. Often times, internal IT resources don’t have the experience to develop a clear roadmap based on business objectives.

7. Improve Workflows: Your IT partner should be a productivity driver, not just a cost. Outsourced IT firms have enterprise experience and understand how to help you work faster. Save your firm precious time and money by letting them rebuild time-consuming manual processes and streamlining bulky workflows that leverage new technology that they know works.

8. Get Answers When You Need Them: Good IT partners will know the system they implement for you, allowing them to quickly analyze your data with the right tools needed to determine an effective solution. Don’t waste time looking for additional support and resources. Let your IT partners provide you the answers you need.

9. Protect Your IT Investment: A customer-centric IT partner will find ways to save your business money. Many value-added-resellers have a high margin on the products and services they’re offering, so having the right IT vendor will ensure that you’re not overpaying or over licensed.

10. Maximize Uptime: When something does happen to your network or infrastructure, IT partners will be there to provide peace of mind. Many businesses struggle to manage and stay ahead of complex systems and ever-changing IT systems. Increase your team’s efficiency, minimize downtime, and lower costs by partnering with an experienced team like TenisiTech today.

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